The UOH project

Created on the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research's initiative (= MESR : Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche), the Humanities Open University ( = UOH : Université Ouverte des Humanités) is one of the 7 Digital Thematic Universities ( = UNT : Université Numérique Thématique) dedicated to Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Literature, Languages and Arts.


UOH has been created to improve undergraduate students' results (aiming specifically to the bachelor degree) and also to help the development of a French Digital University. UOH website offers free digital learning resources, scientifically, educationally and technically approved by its scientific advisors.

UOH brings higher education institutions together in order to pool their resources to produce digital learning materials. But UOH is not a French university (even if its name could let you think so) and it cannot replace a higher education institution, by no means. UOH offers materials for further training and/or based learning courses materials to enable different ways of teaching and learning. UOH also provides higher education institutions the opportunity to build their own learning and teaching strategies. Actually, 23 French universities, one Ecole Normale Supérieure (the main teacher-training College) and one Canadian University are part of this project. It represents a potential of more than 425 000 students.


Since it started up as an Interuniversitary Common Service (Service Commun Interuniversitaire) in 2007, UOH works for the valuation of partner institutions' digital learning resources and calls for proposals encouraging a pooled production of digital learning materials.


Main strategic orientations

  • Increasing the value of existing digital learning resources. Partner institutions index their best contents on our website.
  • Supporting a pooled production of new digital learning content building up a network of teachers and researchers producers. Among the 64 French universities in the Humanities fields, third is actually UOH partners and considering those who are interested in becoming partners, it is a half.
  • Passing on and sharing experiences in order to contribute to the development of a French Digital University as well as for the French Higher Education standing in the Humanities disciplinary fields. An opening to bordering countries has already started with the involvement of European figures stating in the UOH scientific council.