Preventing student failure


In-service training and lifelong learning are key issues for French universities, for financial reasons and due to their educational mission.

As flexibility and security for employees increase and become a reality and employers have to support the economic and technological change, HE institutions must offer efficient and relevant solutions taking into consideration these working-life economic and time-related constraints.

UNT can contribute to the setting of flexible training programs and/or Open Distance Learning (ODL).


Scenario 1

In order to prevent student failure, recycle the learning remediation packages set of for the trainees who follow crash courses and have difficulties with their concentration.

Scenario 2

Co-construction of distance/ in class learning trainings, massive or not, based on UNT’s OER.

  •  Aim a training and its specific needs
  • Identify, with the help of one or more UNT (depending on the disciplinary fields concerned) the OER that would match these needs
  • Build the training linking UNT’s OER with already existing contents in universities and/or the ones that have yet to be developed.