International mobility


The preservation of knowledge and skills on rare disciplinary topics is a particularly need.

UNT can offer shared and structured OER units on refined and very specialized topics. This special kind of OER can also be considered as a shared heritage and can help a student to take advantage of skills and knowledge that his university doesn’t offer in-situ.


Scenario 1
  • A university identifies knowledge and/or skills that might be lost (retirements, closure of programs...)
  • A university can directly ask a UNT to identify the contents needed and if they don't exist, the UNT can help the university to produce this content, that if not, would have been lost. Then the new designed content will benefit the university as well as the community
Scenario 2
  • OER a UNT offer can support the consolidation of master's degrees, weakened by enrolment declines or by a lack of resources
  • OER can also help to design hybrid master's degrees with distant learning training units shared between several universities