Preventing student failure


Preventing undergraduate student failure is an important issue for French universities. Identifying, at an early stage, students’ shortcomings, weaknesses and difficulties and/or improving the high school transition to university, as well as setting up remediation solutions are components to put into perspective.


UNT (Digital Thematic Universities)are in a position to help setting up these remedial teaching processes. They can also provide an academic working method support, and some of them are able to make placement tests.


Scenario 1

Based on existing UNT's OER (Open Educational Resources) and to target 1st year students (or below), this scenario helps to enrich higher education institutions actions and/or educational contents with easy-to-use OER :

  • To identify students shortcomings in specific disciplinary fields
  •  To identify, with the help of an UNT, which OER could best match with the students’ needs
  • To elaborate training sessions to bring students up to level combining UNT’s OER with already existing contents in universities and/or the ones that have yet to be developped.
Scenario 2

 It is based on placement tests that can be provided when they exist and can be a quite economic scenario: it can be acomplished with very few teachers but will symbolize a significant and concret action from the university (this scenario can be easily extended depending on the HE institution's determination) :

  • To organize placement tests at the begining of a semester to identify students shortcomings (bank of placement tests)
  • To give a personnal feedback to each student (by default...)
  • To raise awareness of an active reorientation for the students with the greatest difficulties
  • To recommend to the others the working method best adapted to their skills (method courses)