Editorial Policy

All learning resources on UOH website are entirely free to use.

These resources are :

  • coproductions with partner institutions approved by the UOH Scientific Council
  • partner institutions own productions they agree to share and approved by the institution and/or by the Scientific Council

UOH offers 4 types of digital learning resources :

  • Full lessons
  • Short formats
  • Studies and documents
  • Conferences, Roundtables and interviews               

Full lessons and short formats are the main UOH digital learning resources.

They object to respond as efficiently as possible to students needs, as well as striving for excellence distinguishing themselves from the already existing online digital learning resources.


Full Lessons


Full lessons means lessons that introduce or reintroduce basis to students.


They have to give them conceptual frameworks bringing out what composes institutions heritage (common or transverse themes).


Full lessons are structured thoughts based on research works and they develop concepts and notions explained in short formats.



Short Formats


Short formats are a series of relatively short contents, backing up full lessons and helping out the understanding of concepts and key notions and offering learning strategies at the same time.


Short formats' length are variable : they can be really short or last longer.

They also are designed to buil up small online encyclopedias defining Humanities various concepts.