Poeple with desabilities


The increasing flow of people with desabilities in the higher education everyday life puts a new focus on a question that cannot be ignored anymore.


The UNT's web accessible OER, according to the RGAA standards, a baseline used in France to define the technical arrangements for accessibility to online services of the government, local authorities and public institutions), can help HE institutions that are required to offer accessible OER to people with desabilities.

The setting up of specific training programs for people with desabilities is one possible solution.


Scenario 1


It is possible to recycle the student employee scenario for the people with desabilities concerning the question of absenteeism.


Scenario 2


This scenario is for students with note-taking issues (listening / writing). It is possible to offer them OER that match to their class, as well as to their own note-taking.


It is also possible to offer them an organized note-taking from another student, up to RGAA standards by an ICT Department. This note-taking can even be updated by iteration each semester and approved by a teacher.