Guide for authors
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How to enhance your open educational resources?


The most interesting resource possible will remain unknown and thus unused if it is not visible, readable and easily findable by other people. The best solution is to either carry out enhanced indexing for your resource or ask a document specialist to do it for you. Nearly all the Thematic Digital Universities have document specialists who can help you.


Similarly the more the instructional objects that make up your resource are readable, the more visible the resource will be. Thinking out your resource as being made up of independent entities which can be consulted as stand-alone items will increase the chances of students or other teachers using it. For this and other subjects, particularly breaking down your resources, training courses are available and teams of professionals are there to help you (ICT cells, digital departments etc.)

Basic design advices


Teaching aspects

  • Think out your resource as understandble independant entities
  • Analyse the training requirements
  • Define learning objectives
  • Choose a pedagogical strategy
  • Index as finely as possibile





Technical design aspects

  • Highlight the structure and the different elements which compose your course
  • Formalize your pedagogical intentions
  • Build activities and exercises considering the diversity of possibilities : questions, matching exercises, writing exercises, gasps in texts, script concordance tests, linear or non linear case studies etc.
  • Offer a glossary and a bibliography
  • Consider people with disabilities
Finally, remember  that the copyright legislation protects all your resources